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Great Alternative - Ship and Shred

You can ship your disk drives to this member and they will shred them.  Procedure is simple.  Fill out the email form and send us a request

1.  You complete and submit the form on this page.  They will get back to you with the cost but service is typically much less than on-site shredding, from $1.75 to $4.00 a drive depending on your volume.

2.  They ship you a special locked container based on roughly how many disk drives you need destroyed.  The container will contain heavy duty steel braided seals that will be cut off upon return (set your own combination locks no longer an option).

3.  You fill the container with disk drives and call the shipping company.  They will come get it and ship it back to the shredding company for you.  Shipping cost is included.

4.  They get the case and grind off the seals while on camera to insure the best chain of custody procedures possible.  They open the case, scan the bar code of each disk and insert it into the shredder.  All of this is filmed.

5. You get back a list of disk drives which were shredded and a video of the shredding (currently a simple 1 camera view).  See video below about how this is done.

Video of Ship and Shred Process